mg冰球突破豪华版下载有很多东西可以提供, mg冰球突破豪华版下载也是如此, 纽约, 以及周边地区.

Nestled in the stunning Finger Lakes region, Elmira is a small city of about 35,000. You can take in the history 和 culture of the town just by walking around 和 visiting the sites. 那里有博物馆, 农贸市场, 表演艺术中心, 市中心社区, 甚至还有一个历史悠久的棒球场. A few miles farther 和 you can be 高尔夫球ing, skiing, 徒步旅行, or sampling 餐厅 和 酒庄.

We are close to the cities of Ithaca, Syracuse, Binghamton, Rochester, 和 Buffalo. We're not far from the major urban areas of Toronto, 纽约, Philadelphia, 和 Washington, D.C.



Pictures 和 artifacts from Mark Twain's summer home are displayed in the Mark Twain Exhibit


These on-campus attractions draw more than 10,000 visitors each year. The exhibit in Gannett-Tripp 图书馆 contains many photos 和 other memorabilia from Twain's time in Elmira 和 a visit to the Study outside of Cowles Hall allows you to step back in time 和 take in the space where Twain wrote many of his most iconic works, 包括 《哈克贝利·费恩历险记.




Chemung Valley历史博物馆外



This exceptional museum houses a permanent collection of 17th century through 19th century European paintings, 19世纪美国绘画, 和雕塑. Temporary exhibits welcome art collections from around the world. 自1913年开业以来, the 阿诺美术馆 has become a leading cultural institution with a focus on promoting the visual arts 和 enhancing the culture of the region.  


该地区最大的综合历史博物馆, the 车蒙谷博物馆 tells the history of Chemung County through interactive exhibits, 教育规划, 并为所有年龄段的游客提供讲座. 在夏季, visitors can hop on the Twain Country 夏天 Tours at the museum for a guided tour of the City of Elmira, 包括 the Mark Twain Study at EC 和 the final resting place of Mark Twain 和 his family in the Woodlawn Cemetery.




Elmira's Downtown District, which borders the EC campus, offers 餐厅, 博物馆, 和  more! 享受职业曲棍球和其他事件在4,000座第一竞技场, 或者去克莱门斯中心看一场表演, a 1,600个座位的剧院是现场娱乐的家园, 包括巡演百老汇音乐剧, 专业的戏剧, 跳舞, 音乐, 和喜剧, 还有当地的演出和慈善活动. 全年, Elmira Downtown Development hosts events in the District such as outdoor concerts, 每周一次的农贸市场, 街头绘画节, 户外电影之夜.


This residential area is listed on the National Register of Historic Places 和 features a variety of architectural styles. 全年都提供徒步旅行.


Historic Dunn Field in Elmira's Southside houses the Elmira Pioneers, who have provided the community with competitive summer baseball for many years. Enjoy the summer weather, the game, 和 the atmosphere of one of America's classic ballparks.




被誉为“世界翱翔之都”,mg冰球突破豪华版下载是国家翱翔博物馆的所在地, which houses the largest exhibit of classic 和 contemporary sailplanes in the world. 位于哈里斯山, the soaring field at the museum is the location of national soaring contests 和 glider rides. 欧共体官方吉祥物, 翱翔的鹰, was chosen in tribute to the Elmira area's distinction as the "Soaring Capital of the World," 和 its hills 和 valleys that naturally suit the region for glider flight.



Tanglewood offers free access to two trail systems with more than 10 miles of 徒步旅行 trails. The nature center exhibit hall features a "darkened forest" with taxidermied native animals representative of the region's temperate oak-hickory forest 和 more than 40 species of live animals, 从节肢动物到爬行动物再到哺乳动物.

Many people looks on during a glassmaking demonstration at the Corning Museum of Glass



该地区的景点包括康宁玻璃博物馆, 沃特金斯格伦国际赛道, 国家战机博物馆, 芬格湖的酿酒厂和啤酒厂, 以及各种文化娱乐的机会.

Explore all the region has to offer by visiting our tourism partners, 马克·吐温国家五指湖葡萄酒之乡.